Terms & Conditions

    In the event there is a conflict between this English version of the Terms and Conditions and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

  1. Customer and Purchase Eligibility

    All Lingnan University’s students (both full-time and part time) and staff are eligible for enjoying Lingnan University Notebook Ownership Programme 2020. Eligible Customer must present the following documents in person during the purchase for SENCO to verify their identification:

    IdentityRelated Documents
    StudentA valid Lingnan University Student Card /offer confirmation email received from the University with you Full Name and Student Number
    StaffA valid Lingnan Staff Card

    SENCO reserves the right to claim the price differences of purchased items if customer fails to prove his/her identification.
  2. Purchase Quota

    Each customer is eligible to purchase ONE unit of Macbook / iMac and ONE unit of iPad. Senco reserves the right to claim the difference between the list price and the education offer under this program.
  3. Ordering Methods

    Customer can visit our web ordering platform – www.eduoffer.com/online/edu2020/ln
    during 31st August, 2020 to 31st October, 2020 to place order online
  4. Order Amendment

    No order cancellation and refund is allowed upon order confirmation.

    Order amendment within 2 days from the order confirmation date will be accepted. An administrative charge of HK$150 will be applied for corresponding amendment.

  5. Redemption Arrangement

    1. Door-to-Door Delivery with HK$80 delivery charge for each delivery (not applicable for Ma Wan, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Hong Kong International Airport, Sha Tau Kok, Ta Kwu Ling, Sai Kung, Kam Tin, Discovery Bay and other outlying islands.)

    2. Redemption Centre
      Address2/F, 101 King’s Road North Point, Hong Kong
      (Fortress Hill MTR Station Exit A)
      Service Hours Monday to Friday
      10:00am – 1:00pm ; 2:00pm – 6pm
      Closed on every Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
      Important Note Public Holiday includes 01, 02 & 26 October,2020

      Important Note:
      Customer is required to collect the item(s) within 2 weeks after receiving the collection notice. If customer fail to collect the item within 2 weeks after the sent date of collection note, a storage fee of HK$200 will be applied. The last collection date for this program is 30 Nov, 2020. Customers are required to collect the ordered item on or before this date. Customers are required to collect the ordered item on or before this date. Or else, Senco reserves the right to cancel the order with HK$1,000 administrative charge.

    Documents Required for Stock Redemption
    Customer is required to bring the following original documents IN PERSON for stock redemption. SENCO reserves the right to not distributing the stocks to customers if they fail to show the following documents.
    Customer TypeRequired Supporting Document
    • Student Card
    • Pro-forma Invoice copy (softcopy)
    • Pick-up Notification Email (softcopy)
    • Staff Card
    • Pro-forma Invoice copy (softcopy)
    • Pick-up Notification Email (softcopy)
    Third Party Authorization
    • Signed Authorization Letter
    • Photocopy of supporting documents of student and staff.

    Typhoon & Rainstorm Signal Arrangement
    Typhoon Signal / Rainstorm Warning Signal Redemption Arrangement
    (Apply for SENCO Redemption Point)
    Typhoon Signal No. 1 Amber RainstormAs Usual
    Typhoon Signal No. 3 Red Rainstorm As Usual
    Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm
    (a) Cancelled before 9amRe-open 3 hours thereafter
    (b) Cancelled after 9amCancelled

  6. 7 Day Dead-on-Arrival (DOA) Return Policy

    Customer is eligible to enjoy 7 Day Dead-on-Arrival Return Policy. Coverage ONLY includes hardware failure.

    Customer can exchange a new notebook or tablet if any hardware failure is founded within 7 working days of the invoice, or exchange the defected item at our Senco Service Centre. Returned notebook should be in Full Packaging with all the inbox items bundled with original purchase.

    A product is dead on arrival if it shows symptom of hardware failure preventing basic operation upon its first use out of the box and inspected by our certified engineer. Qualifying DOA symptoms as follow:
    1. Does not boot
    2. No power
    3. Battery(if applicable)does not charge or does not hold charge
    4. No video
    5. Internal input device failure(ie. internal Keyboard not responding)
    6. Other hardware failure preventing basic operability upon its first use out of the box

    Exclusion from DOA Policy
    1. Accessories
    2. Item that has had hardware and or drivers installed and/or 3rd party software
    3. Item suffers intermittent failures or failures occurring during specific operations
    4. Item has been repaired by ASP or other repair centre
    5. Item shows signs of tampering
    6. Item damaged due to incorrect use or abuse
    7. Cosmetic Faults
    8. Software or consumable products

    In case of DOA, customer can bring the notebook to Senco Service Center. The lead time of replacement normally takes around 10 - 14 working days, subject to the availability of stocks.

    *We have the right to refuse to exchange a product on the ground of damage to its appearance, contain any trace of water damage or missing accessories once the delivery has been signed for.

    SENCO Service Center
    Address2/F, 101 King’s Road North Point, Hong Kong
    Service Hours Monday to Friday : 9:00am - 6:00pm



  1. 購買資格

    合資格參與是次「Lingnan University Notebook Ownership Programme 2020」之人仕包括:所有嶺南大學(包括全日制及兼讀制學生)及教職員。客戶在購買時必須親身出示下列文件作登記及身份核對之用 :

  2. 優惠限制

    每位客戶最多只能購買一部MacBook / 一部iMac 及一部平板電腦。如發現客戶購買超出以上限制之貨物數量,我們將保留索償購買時產品之正價及優惠價間差價之權利。
  3. 購買方法

    客戶可於 2020 年 8 月 31 日至 10 月 31 日內瀏覽網上訂購平台:
  4. 更改訂單


  5. 取貨安排

    1. 付費送貨,費用為HK$80 送貨服務只適用於香港境內(不包括馬灣、東涌、大嶼山﹑香港國際機場,沙頭角,打鼓嶺,西貢,錦田,愉景灣或離島)
    2. SENCO換領點
      服務時間 星期一至星期五
      10:00am – 1:00pm ; 2:00pm – 7pm
      10:00am – 2:00pm

      客戶需於收到「取貨通知書」的兩個星期內領取產品。如客人不能在收到取貨通知書後的兩星期內取貨,我們將有權收取$200 之存倉費。最後的取貨日為2020 年年11 月30 日,客人需於此限期前到取貨中心取貨, 否則本公司有權取消訂單及收取行政費用HK$1,000。

    客戶必須於指定時間到指定地點領取貨物,並親身攜同及出示以下證明文件之正本,以供核實:如客戶未能根據以上情況出示 提供有效之證明文件,SENCO 將保留不派貨予有關人仕之最終權利。
    • 學生證
    • 電郵訂購單據(不用打印)
    • 取貨通知電郵(不用打印)
    • 教職員證
    • 電郵訂購單據(不用打印)
    • 取貨通知電郵(不用打印)
    • 已填妥之授權書正本
    • 以上不同客戶類別的相關證明文件副本

    颱風信號 / 暴雨警告信號領貨安排事宜( SENCO 取貨點)
    一號颱風信號 / 黃色暴雨警告如常運作
    三號颱風信號/ 紅色暴雨警告 如常運作
    八號颱風或以上信號 / 黑色暴雨警告
    (a) 上午9時前除下颱風信號 暴雨警告除下三小時後重新運作
    (b) 上午9時後仍然生效取消
  6. 7天購物保障



    1. 無法進入系統
    2. 無法開機
    3. 電池(如適用)無法充電或無法儲電
    4. 無影像顯示
    5. 內置輸入裝置失靈(例如內置鍵盤無反應)
    6. 其他硬件上出現的問題而導致開箱首次使用時不能基本操作

    1. 配件
    2. 產品已安裝第三方硬體及/或驅動程式
    3. 產品出現間歇性故障或特定的操作情況下發生的故障
    4. 產品已被蘋果維修中心或其他維修中心更換
    5. 產品有明顯被改裝
    6. 產品由於不正確使用或濫用導致之損壞
    7. 產品外觀
    8. 軟件或耗材產品

    **我們有權拒絕因貨品外觀問題, 不小心使用如液體損壞及配件不齊全之原因,更換已簽收之貨品。

    服務時間 星期一至星期五 : 上午9時至下午6時